Blog - November 2013

Tenant Verification Service

A couple of years ago, a single handshake was enough to seal a deal between a property manager or landlord and a prospective tenant. A tenant's word was good enough to get him/her started on a new... Read more

Property Management Solutions

Property management can be a tedious business because of all the complex entities and elements involved. It not only involves rent collection and property maintenance, but also account tracking,... Read more

Tenant Screening Service

Whether you have one unit to manage or many apartment buildings, it's vital to find high-quality, financially sound tenants that pay their rent on time. Property Matrix has a built-in tenant... Read more

Best Rental Property Software

According to a recent study that comprehensively looked into the real estate sector, a significant majority of property managers are still largely using manual methods to manage their properties.... Read more

Property Management App

Today's business doesn't just happen in an office anymore, and Property Matrix understands that property managers need to have all the data at their fingertips, no matter where they are. Your... Read more

Real Estate Property Management Software

As an experienced property manager, you’ve probably heard a lot about real estate property management software by now. A lot has been said about how these systems can be used to boost your... Read more

Free Property Management Software

Regardless of whether you’ve just recently become a property manager or you’ve been in the game for the last few decades, the fact remains that there are new tools being released all the time... Read more

Apartment Management Software

The efficiency of business processes greatly depend on the overall company framework. Contrary to popular belief, optimizing your procedure isn’t entirely dependent on the amount of resources... Read more

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