Blog - January 2014

Simple Property Management Software

As you develop your property management business, you’re obviously striving for success. There’s no room for compromising on quality and efficiency in all the aspects of your business,... Read more

Landlord Management Software

Being a landlord and managing multiple properties is becoming easier with improved technologies like the Landlord Management Software created by Property Matrix. Whether you have a single property... Read more

Credit Check For Renters

It's critical that managers identify qualified rental applicants and convert them to residents quickly and confidently. Property Matrix property management software enables you to obtain the... Read more

Real Estate Apps

A big part of being in property management is knowing the properties in your area as well as areas that surround you. Since you don’t require any prior experience or education in order to get... Read more

Property Management System

A real estate property management system is a computerized system that can facility the management of your properties through one piece of software. A good property management system can help you... Read more

Property Management Software

Gone are the days when property and real estate managers relied entirely on old-fashioned paper-based systems to record and maintain information on their respective property elements. This system... Read more

Online Property Management

Finding the right property management software can be as challenging as the job itself. Property Matrix has designed a full-service system that provides cutting-edge technology to handle the... Read more

Top Property Management Software

Do you have multiple properties to manage? Are you having difficulty trying to stay on top of all your responsibilities? Then Property Matrix has just the solution for you. Our top property... Read more

Property Management Accounting Software

It’s at the end of month and things start getting hectic in your property management business- you need to prepare and issue invoices to your respective tenants, coordinate contractors on... Read more

Commercial Real Estate Software

Tracking and analyzing commercial real estate data has never been easier. In addition to providing software solutions for apartment statistics, Property Matrix has developed an easy-to-use... Read more

Tenant Screening Background Check

Your property (or properties) is most likely your biggest investment. One way to protect it is to have a good idea of who everyone you make a tenant in your building is. A face-to-face meeting... Read more

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