Blog - February 2014

Starting A Property Management Company

Have you been thinking about getting into property management? Maybe all that’s been holding you back is a lack of awareness of what exactly getting into the business entails. If that’s the... Read more

Tenant Check

A tenant check is a process of comprehensively evaluating prospective tenants by verifying their credit worthiness and performing relevant background checks to establish their suitability and... Read more

Tenant Screening Report

To protect their hard-built and earned investments, landlords are often compelled to ensure they only let in the crème de la crème of tenants to save themselves possible subsequent headaches.... Read more

Property Maintenance Software

The ultimate goal of your property management business is obviously achieving success. For some property managers, success may mean stellar employees. Others can only be satisfied by a bustling... Read more

Open Source Property Management Software

Going by recent developments in the software industry, a significant number of people are inclined towards open source software, partly because of some of the development benefits attached to it.... Read more

Commercial Property Management Software

Property Matrix is among the leading property management software companies in the country. Our cloud-based approach provides you with the tools to manage more than one property at a time from the... Read more

Best Property Management Software

In a bid to improve and sustain their operations, landlords and property managers are mostly on the lookout for developing technologies they could adopt and implement in their businesses.... Read more

Property Accounting Software

One of the most important, but time-consuming, tasks associated with being a property manager is handling the accounting. Record-keeping skills require hours of tedious data entry and constant... Read more

Property Management Tools

With a variety of property management tools on the market, it can be intimidating to know which one to choose. Property Matrix has created a cloud-based, user-friendly software program that will... Read more

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