Investing in property and becoming a landlord shouldn’t commit you to a lifetime of dealing with tenant issues, especially if you have other businesses to attend to. A property management company will ease your burden by managing everything related to rentals- pursuing evictions, responding to tenant complaints, handling maintenance and repair issues, collecting rent, screening tenants and marketing available properties. This will consequently not only save you time and stress, but also increase overall tenant satisfaction.


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Property management however, doesn’t come cheap. That’s why you need to be completely sure before consulting an agency to take over operations by managing your property. To help you make up your mind, here are factors you could use to assess the relevance of property management companies to your property:

Number of Rental Units

If you have relatively few rental units, property management isn’t for you- you can probably effectually manage all your units without external help. If you have many units on other hand, you’d significantly benefit from an agency that would follow up on all the tenants and their corresponding concerns. In fact, the more your rental units, the more you stand to benefit from a property management company.

Distance to Your Rental Property

How far do you live from your rental property? If you live conveniently close, you could probably handle some, if not all, of the management tasks. However, if it’s located far from your residence, you could use the help of a property management company, which will efficaciously handle everything in your absence.

Your Attitude Towards Management

Real estate and property is a very lucrative business with good ROI- and it doesn’t just involve building properties and reaping from the subsequent rent payments. You also have to commit yourself to managing your respective properties and the corresponding elements including tenants, finance, repairs, and more. Your attitude towards undertaking this task will determine your zeal and subsequent success rate. If you think you’re not cut out for management, you should go ahead and hire a property management company to do the hard work for you.


Property management requires a lot of time- mostly a couple of hours a day to full time, depending on the type and number of units. It’s therefore only ideal for individuals with sufficient time to spare on a regular basis. If you are mostly engaged in other businesses and don’t have the time to attend to your property, you would greatly benefit from a team of property managers.

With this factors in mind, property management can be considered a worthwhile engagement, especially if you’re a landlord who doesn’t mind paying a buck or two for quality services.