Real estate has inarguably been one of the most lucrative industries for decades now. Although there was a sharp price decline in the US between 2006 and 2009, the sector has since picked up to regain its place as a predominantly profitable venture, with good ROI. Unfortunately, although it’s considered to be very promising, real estate doesn’t work out for just anyone. While moguls like Donald Trump seemingly make billions from it, others, especially beginners, are struggling to penetrate the market to make good and quick cash. So, what formula do tycoons use to establish extensively successful real estate empires? Why do prospective customers keep rushing to them?


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The main secret lies in the strategies they employ. Just like any other type of business, the strategies you implement to streamline your operations and attract prospects ultimately determines your level of success. Successful real estate businessmen like Donald Trump understand the game so well, that they know how and when to play the right cards to attract prospective buyers and make sales. Of course part of their success is attributed to the increasingly extensive marketing strategies they use. Although fairly effective in winning over a couple of prospects, it doesn’t guarantee actual sales. To make actual sales, here are a couple of strategies that you could efficaciously employ in your business:

Sell According To Season

To attract potential customers, your décor and finish should be season oriented. In spring for instance, using fresh cut flowers around the house and lighting candles indoors for pleasant scents could go a long way in convincing a prospect to sign his/her checkbook. In summer on the other hand, you should highlight outdoor spaces in your advert, including patios and balconies.

Be Transparent

Transparency may lose you a lead- but it’ll certainly win many more. By being transparent and direct with your prospects, you’ll build trust and consequently sell properties faster without having to over-engage them. This will also save you subsequent legal actions in case hidden details like environmental hazards are later uncovered by customers after buying your property.

Get the Price Right

Although it’s consistently echoed, only a few sellers are always keen on getting their prices right. While some, especially ones with low inventories, overprice their properties, others underprice them to beat their competition and consequently lose potential customers or make losses. To avoid similar scenarios, engage experienced and reputable property valuers to carry out comprehensive property valuations plus feasibility assessments. A good price, coupled with other proven real estate strategies, will undoubtedly steer your real estate business in the right direction.