Rental property is progressively growing way more popular than properties for sale due to increased demand. That’s because most individuals prefer living in rented premises as they gradually save funds to qualify for mortgages or buy permanent homes. Since a significant number of tenants live in these properties for many years- sometimes even decades- a lot of care should be taken when selecting a home.


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As a prospective tenant, you’ve probably seen many adverts on vacant properties published on dailies, magazines, and online media. To get a good deal on an ideal property, you have to effectively and quickly sieve through these listed properties to highlight suitable prospects. Here are tips on how to do this and ultimately secure a good home for your family:


Sure, the properties you identified are attractive and come with great, if not perfect, deals- but what’s the quality of their respective neighborhoods? The type of neighborhood you settle in will largely dictate your lifestyle. If the property is next to a busy highway for instance, expect a lot of vehicular noise and traffic. If it’s located in a leafy suburb on the other hand, some of the expectations you should have include manicured gardens, fresh air and relatively silent environments.


With amenities being one of the prime factors in real estate, most, if not all types of rental properties, are priced according to the types and proximity of available amenities. Places that are conveniently close to a wide range of amenities are mostly higher priced as compared to the vice versa. As a prospective tenant, you should make a list of all the amenities you consider extremely necessary in your neighborhood and match them up with properties which fall in within your target budget.

Crime Levels

No one would want to live in a crime hotspot. Therefore, to protect your family and property, visit the police departments in areas you’ve identified potential rental properties you’d like to settle in. Contrary to a property owner who may not be outright frank with you, the police will give you the actual data on both petty and serious crimes, plus vandalism rates. You should also inquire on the frequency and extent of police patrols in the respective neighborhoods.


Can you afford the rent amounts quoted? Are the respective properties really worth the quoted amounts? By assessing the conditions of the respective properties vis-a-vis the quoted amounts, you be able to make informed decisions on whether they are actually worth it or not.

Although it may take long in some cases, combining these assessment factors will ultimately help you identify a good home that’s suitable for you and your family.