The experts at Property Matrix have created powerful Rent Manager software to simplify your everyday tasks by combining everything into one intuitive panel. We’ve broken down the components of the property management business to help you streamline your day-to-day process, quickly navigate and manage multiple properties, plus oversee billing and vendors from one location.


Image Courtesy of Stuart Miles

We recognize how time-consuming and complex your job can be, which is why we’ve designed a single-source dashboard for ultimate control. Our system allows you to handle any task from one of five tabs. With all the details of a rental unit at your fingertips, you’ll be better able to make informed decisions and monitor every detail. Here are the categories you can access immediately:

  • Building information – number of units, ownership and vacancies
  • Unit breakdown – square footage, amenities, year built, and next inspection
  • Lease details – tenant data, rent rates and payment status
  • Maintenance records and work status
  • Marketing – place ads for vacancies and follow up on leads right from this screen
  • Accounting – manage all accounting functions from one screen for easy reporting

Best Rental Management Software

Our cloud-based programming is part of an on-going innovative system, utilizing new technologies to create the best rental management software on the market. Designed with simple, easy-to-use management tools, our user-friendly interface helps you stay organized and keep track of day-to-day responsibilities. Customized filters will allow you to quickly access just the information you need, all from one, single location.


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Our Rent Manager software will make your job easier, no matter the size of your portfolio. Benefits are built in so you can multi-task – collect rents, conduct inspections, market units, complete work orders – all from a single screen. Financial and accounting solutions have been added with built-in and customizable reports. Save time and money with these controls:

  • Accounts payables – access property bills, vendor details, invoices, budgets, checks.
  • Accounts receivables – track deposits, new invoices, charging.
  • Bank reconciliations – electronic bank statements will automate this process to save you time at the end of each month.
  • Financial reports – hundreds of reports are available for both cash and accrual accounting.

Our cloud-computing system, in addition to providing optimum speed and efficiency, saves memory space on your server, safely stores data and automatically updates software. Search labels combined with powerful filters allow you to customize details associated with each property. Shortcuts can also be created for common tasks for even more efficient processing.

One single click of the Property Matrix Rent Manager software will give you complete control over your daily duties, simplify your reporting requirements and will maximize your profit margins. Try it today.