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Landlord Credit Check

When it comes to the ideal tenant, we all have the same basic idea of who we want that person to be – We want them to be respectful of the unit, clean, quiet, and keep to themselves. If they... Read more

Landlord Management Software

Being a landlord and managing multiple properties is becoming easier with improved technologies like the Landlord Management Software created by Property Matrix. Whether you have a single property... Read more

Landlord Software

Is Landlord Software Right For You?  Landlord software provides you with an incredibly easy and efficient way to organize your business. Depending on which one you choose to go with, it can even... Read more

Apartment Management Software

The efficiency of business processes greatly depend on the overall company framework. Contrary to popular belief, optimizing your procedure isn’t entirely dependent on the amount of resources... Read more



Real estate and property management is inarguably one of the most lucrative ventures today. With the current demand for houses skyrocketing, many entrepreneurs and investors are now putting up new... Read more

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