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Tenant Background Check

If you’ve just recently become a landlord, you’re probably a little overwhelmed by the entirety of the position you’ve taken on. Maybe you’re wondering if you really have to... Read more

Tenant Credit Report

It’s a safe bet that one of the biggest, if not the biggest reason, you own real estate property is to make income off of it. In order to do so, you have to either sell that property at a... Read more

Resident Screening

The last thing you need as a property owner or manager, is a troublesome tenant who'll stunt your business growth. Unfortunately, according to the 80/20 landlord tenant relationship rule, about a... Read more

Tenant Screening Services

Although it's a considerably promising business, renting out property has its fair of risks - top of which includes renting out property to troublesome tenants. Fortunately, you can effectively... Read more

Background Check For Renters

To safeguard your interests and protect your property, it's critically important to carry out complete background check for renters and consequently qualify only the ones who are least likely to... Read more

Tenant Screening

Tenant screening might seem like a tedious and sometimes slightly annoying process, but it’s definitely an important one. Especially these days – Once upon a time, you could simply... Read more

Best Tenant Screening

Property Matrix understands that finding the right tenants for vacant properties is a key priority for owners and property managers. Our web-based program helps save you time and money with the... Read more

Tenant Check

A tenant check is a process of comprehensively evaluating prospective tenants by verifying their credit worthiness and performing relevant background checks to establish their suitability and... Read more

Tenant Screening Report

To protect their hard-built and earned investments, landlords are often compelled to ensure they only let in the crème de la crème of tenants to save themselves possible subsequent headaches.... Read more

Credit Check For Renters

It's critical that managers identify qualified rental applicants and convert them to residents quickly and confidently. Property Matrix property management software enables you to obtain the... Read more

Tenant Screening Reviews

Property Matrix is dedicated to protecting your rental property investment by incorporating tenant screening reviews as critical components of our property management software. A single bad tenant... Read more

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