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Enterprise Class Accounting

Property management accounting is complex, so manage your company’s finances in a system designed for property managers. No workarounds needed. Property Matrix is a comprehensive accounting software, supporting both cash and accrual accounting methods. Our robust acounting suite is feature-rich, containing all the necessities a property management company could ask for.

Separate Set of Books

Line Items

Transaction History



In Property Matrix, every company gets its own set of books. Every account carries a separate balance, enabling accurate trust accounting and a high level of detail in reporting. Break up your accounts into categories and subcategories so you can easily total or analyze details in separate categories.

Drill down your expenses to individual categories on specific properties for the most detailed analysis. With line items, transactions can be broken down into multiple sites, sets of books, companies, and accounts.

No matter how complex your transactions become, multiple invoices and bills can still be paid with a single click. A full, chronological and color-coded transaction history for each vendor, tenant, owner, and account will be saved in the system.

Customize Everything

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Create your own fields to keep track of unique information about your tenants, applicants, units, leases, and buildings.

Designed for Mobile

Utilizing responsive design technology, Property Matrix is fully functional from any device. Information will automatically reformat and resize to perfectly fit your screen.

Data updates in real time, allowing multiple employees to use the system simultaneously from different locations. Property Matrix users also enjoy the benefits of cloud-based storage.

Upload lease documents, photographs, and videos to the system with no size or data limits.

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Custom Reports

Our comprehensive reporting suite gives you total control of your data.

report export

Reports are completely customizable, allowing you to tailor any report to your exact specifications. Or, you can build a whole new report from scratch with our built-in report editor.

report editor

Tenant, Owner, Vendor Portals

View and download reports
Check Scanning

Check Scanning

Scan your rent checks into the system and let Property Matrix do the rest. Your check scanner will upload a digital image of the check. Our system will read the MICR code and match the check to the correct tenant.

As the system populates your list of scanned checks, users can verify the total amounts before submitting them for processing. Property Matrix will convert any check into an electronic ACH transfer and will deposit the funds into the proper bank account for that building/company/line item at no charge.

The system saves images of all the checks for you, so you can shred your checks without ever having to take them to the bank. While the system automatically matches checks and applies payment to the current outstanding invoice, users retain complete control and can reapply payment as they see fit.

Trigger - Condition - Action

Automate Your Workflows.

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Automatic Actions

Property Matrix leverages a powerful automation system to save you time and simplify your workflows. Set conditions and resulting actions, and whenever those specific conditions are met, the system will carry out the resulting actions automatically.

Property Matrix can be fully customized to work the way you’re already doing business. If you can think it, you can build it in Property Matrix, and if you need help, we’ll build it for you.

Nearly anything in the system can be automated. A complex list of triggers exist, each with their own corresponding conditions to further target the automatic action. For example, if a tenant is late on rent AND resides in a specific building, then allow the system to automatically generate late fee notices. Resulting actions are also highly targeted and allow you to fine-tune desired outcomes.

Notifications can be sent to select members of your team or can be used to display different information depending on the property type of a unit. From streamlining workflows (like automatically posting charges or creating inspections upon a move out) to sending helpful reminders to your staff, Automatic Actions will quickly become an integral facet of your company’s operations.

Marketing website


Have tenants apply online, either through a built-in website included for every building, or by integrating Property Matrix into your existing site. Background and credit checks are built into the system and can be pulled instantly.

Marketing leads
Maintenance tickets


Create and track maintenance tickets,dispatch work orders to vendors, and conduct inspections from one centralized location

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A personalised experience

A Personalized Experience

Dedicated support representatives are assigned to each client. When our clients need assistance, they enjoy the luxury of talking to a representative who is already familiar with their business, ensuring prompt resolution of any issues.

We don’t believe in call centers, which is part of the reason we are consistently recognized for our best-in-class support. In fact, Property Matrix is entirely headquarted, built, and maintained in Culver City, California.

Support is available in the following formats:

Chat functionality is built right into Property Matrix so that you can converse with your support representative while keeping the phone lines open for your tenants, vendors, and owners.

No-Stress Setup


Our support staff handles the entire set up process for you. Send them your information in any format, and using our sophisticated import tool, they will mass import your data all at once.

Our clients start using the system sooner, and avoid any manual data entry. The import tool is accessible at any time, allowing users to bulk update data at anytime.

Support For All Portfolios

Property Matrix’s customization options and deep functionality allow the system to support a wide range of portfolios. From mixed portfolios, to HOAs, to commercial, Property Matrix can adapt to your business. Split bills based off of square footage, number of tenants, or any custom field value in the system.

Portfolio setup

Our CAM calculator can automatically allocate expenses to your tenants. Tenants can be charged as the bills come in, or can be credited or invoiced during year-end reconciliations. One-click reconciliation quickly and accurately creates any necessary credits or invoices for your tenants based off their prepaid estimated charges. CAM reconciliation reports generate automatically for each tenant.

Custom fields can be quickly and easily created by a user at any time to ensure that you are always looking at the most relevant information for a property or unit. Units can have unique custom fields assigned to them based on property type, so that while apartments may display BR/BA and appliances, commercial spaces can list number of offices and CAM percentages. Additionally, multiple leases can be active for a unit at a time, making Property Matrix viable for student housing portfolios.

A Standard of Excellence

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5/5 stars

Still the BEST Selection!

We couldn’t be happier with Daniel’s support and service from the start. I’m confident this is the one for your company as well, save yourself (and your staff) time and headaches.

Michelle Current / Rubin Properties

5/5 stars

Everything is very accurate and easy to learn.

I think we will be members long term.

Lori Sampson / 1st Choice Realty

5/5 stars

We are so glad we chose Property Matrix

The product is just as advertised, and the support is even better than we expected! We look forward to a long relationship with Property Matrix.

Karin Kiefer / Wininger Real Estate LLC

5/5 stars

User-friendly software to manage my properties across the states

We researched four different systems and selected Property Matrix, because the system is very user-friendly and works well as a property management, accounting and maintenance system.

Lori Nevarez / Nevarez-Smith Investments LLC