Save time and money by making it as easy as possible for tenants to pay you.

No Transaction or Processing Fees

All ACH payments made through Property Matrix are zero charge payments.

Tenants can pay any invoice (not just rent) using Property Matrix ACH payments, but you don’t pay transaction and processing fees – ever.

Free and Easy for Tenants

ACH payments are available to all of your tenants free-of-charge.

Property Matrix has made it so easy and secure to make online payments that your tenants will feel completely comfortable using it. Tenants simply enter their account information through the Property Matrix portal to get started. It’s that easy.

Streamline Owner Pay

Pay your owners electronically through Property Matrix with Zero Cost ACH.

We’ve eliminated the days of writing stacks of checks each month just to pay your owners. Property Matrix gets your owners paid quickly, easily, and at no cost to you.

Integrated Vendor Pay

Streamline your financial management with Vendor ACH.

Vendor ACH provides you with a secure method of paying your bills directly from your Property Matrix system. Simply put in the bank account information for your vendor, select the bills you wish to pay, and one click electronically sends the funds and records the payment in Property Matrix.

Flexible and Customizable

Property Matrix makes ACH payment processing more streamlined than ever for you.

Increased a tenant’s rent? Change just one part of the schedule within Property Matrix and rent increases automatically go into effect. Need to send a refund? You can do it electronically through Property Matrix.

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