Check Scanning

Property Matrix leverages the latest technology to deliver true end-to- end automation for your check scanning needs.

Real-Time Processing from Payment to Deposit

All check scanning features are built directly into the Property Matrix software, so you don’t need multiple applications and tools to scan, record, store, and deposit payments.

Instant bank crediting

When you scan checks into Property Matrix, they’re instantly credited to your bank account.

Automatic tenant association

All scanned checks are associated with the correct tenant automatically and stored within your Property Matrix account so you can access them at any time.

Automatic Deposits

Scanned checks are deposited to your bank account automatically via ACH.

PC Compatible Check Scanning

Property Matrix is the only cloud based property management software that includes Microsoft Windows compatible check scanning.

All check scanning features are built in and work with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows. That includes the software and the check scanner, so you get true end-to- end check scanning automation.

Smart, Time-Saving Tools

The check scanning feature in Property Matrix is a powerful tool that seamlessly handles payment processing for you while ensuring you maintain full control and flexibility of your workflow:


Choose from a variety of check scanners and order yours directly from inside the Property Matrix application.


Scan up to 150 checks per minute with a feeder.


Your scanner digitally detects the MICR font on each check and matches the account information and bank information within Property Matrix.

Account Identification

The correct tenant is automatically assigned to the check and the payment is applied to the tenant’s outstanding invoice.


Checks are instantly converted to ACH transactions and deposited to your bank account.

One-Click Payment Entry

The tenant’s outstanding balance is prefilled in the system for one-click payment entry.

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