Communications Hub

Conversations with tenants, applicants, vendors, owners, and your staff are all in one place so no one misses anything.

One Place for All of Your Documents

Keep all of your important documents on hand directly within Property Matrix.

Quickly send attachments of important documents like lease agreements to tenants for signatures.

Keep records and a full history of all communications with tenants, applicants, vendors, and owners, including all attachments, invoices, letters, reports, and more.

Send Email and Text Messages Without

Property Matrix includes a full communication hub built in for every lead, tenant, owner and vendor. Emails and texts are in a conversation style section where you can see all of the messages sent and received including attachments.

The hub includes full tracking of the user that communicated with the contact so that everyone in the office is in the loop. Communicate more effectively with real-time back and forth SMS and automatic notifications of when emails/SMS come in.

When you need to notify all your tenants you can send bulk emails based on different criteria such as buildings, owners etc. Choose from customizable email templates that can include attachments as well as reports with preselected parameters.

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