Credit Card Processing

Give your tenants another way to pay without adding more work for you.

Accept Credit Card Payments Directly Through Property Matrix

As a Property Matrix client, you can accept VISA and MasterCard payments directly through your dashboard.

  • It’s easier, faster, and less expensive than check processing.
  • You pay nothing because all transactions are zero cost payments.

Give Your Tenants Extra Perks

Let your tenants pay you with their credit cards so they can collect points and rewards on their cards.

Improve tenant satisfaction by allowing them to log in to your website and pay their rent quickly and conveniently without having send in checks. Bring your property management business into the future by adopting hassle free technologies that your tenants will love.

Make It Easy for Your Tenants to Pay

View & Pay

Tenants can view and pay their current invoices quickly and easily.

Past Invoices

Tenants can view their past invoices at any time.

Payment History

Tenants can view their payment histories by transaction.

Additional Fees

Tenants can pay any additional fees they owe you such as parking and late fees.

Future Payments

Tenants can save their credit card information to make future payments even easier.

Portal Access Fee

Tenants pay a portal access fee for credit card transactions based on their lease amounts.

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