Custom Fields

Create your own fields to keep track of unique information about your tenants, applicants, units, leases, and buildings.

100% Customizable

Property Matrix allows you to customize the system exactly to the needs of your business. Create your own custom fields or let us create them for you!

Varied Field Types

Create different types of fields for different types of information such as dates, numbers, currency, and plain text.

Notes Fields

Maintain conversations and input from multiple staff members in notes fields, including who wrote what and when.


Use checkboxes for yes/no and true/false information.

Drop-Down Boxes

Use drop-down boxes with predefined information to quickly select from a list.

Customize Your Forms

Need to include important information unique to your company on one or more forms? Use custom fields in your forms to do it!

You can get as creative as you want with your forms, and if you need help developing just the right custom form, we’ll create it for you!

Streamline Workflows with Automatic Actions

It’s easy to create automated workflows in Property Matrix! Simply set up your own automatic actions based on your custom fields.

Real-World Use:

Create an insurance expiration date field tied to an automatic action that sends an email to the tenant warning them when their insurance is expiring.

Customize Your Reports

You can develop your own custom reports based on the custom fields you create. The customization options are practically endless. For example, you can:

  • Group custom fields data
  • Filter custom fields data
  • Sort custom fields data
  • Sum custom fields data

If you can’t create the custom report you need yourself, we’ll do it for you!

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