Custom Reports

Create your own reports based on any information in the Property Matrix software.

Export and Email Reports

Sending reports is easy! Within Property Matrix, you can:

Email your reports to any contact.

No need to open your email application to send your reports. You can do it directly within the Property Matrix software.

Export any report to a searchable PDF.

It’s easy to view reports in PDF format, but it’s even easier to view and analyze the data in those reports when you can quickly search for exactly the information you need.

Export your information directly into an Excel file.

Take your analysis to the next level by exporting your data into Excel where you can crunch the numbers further and dig in even deeper.

Design and Customize Your Reports

The ability to design and customize your reports exactly how you want them.

Custom Formatting

Customize report formatting based on different owners’ requirements.

Owner Statements

Create owner statements that match each owner’s specific parameters.

Customize Content

Add images, shapes, bars, lines, and more to create unique reports.


Style reports to match your company’s brand with logos, colors, and so on.


Create rule-based formatting to highlight important pieces of information in color.

Create Parameters

Create parameters to filter reports by building, unit, owner, date range, and more.

Do-It-Yourself or We’ll Do It for You

Create and edit your own reports or tell us what you need and we’ll build them for you*

*Fee may apply

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