Generate leads, turn them into sales, and convert them into tenants without leaving Property Matrix.

Generate New Leads

Every building gets its own, professional website where you can promote units and collect leads. From a building’s website, prospective tenants can:

  • Fill out a form to submit their contact information and request details about a unit or building.
  • Complete an online application and be screened through a credit report and background check.

Sell to Your Leads

A comprehensive collection of sales features are built into Property Matrix to help you communicate with and sell to prospective tenants.

Send, Receive, and Store Emails

Send and receive emails to prospective tenants through the Property Matrix Communications Hub and store all emails with the lead.

Save Communications

Add notes and timestamps to prospective tenants to keep track of your communications with them throughout the sales conversion process.

Categorize and Track Leads

Use custom labels to put leads in categories and track the status of each with fully customized online application reports.

Store Customized Information

Use Property Matrix’s custom fields to save any extra information you want for each prospective tenant.

Convert Leads into Tenants

When a prospect submits an approved lease application, the lead automatically converts into a tenant without double data entry, which saves you time and reduces manual data entry errors.

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