Line Items

All transactions in Property Matrix are broken down into line items.

Easily Understand, Pay, and Track Your Finances

Property Matrix is a powerful accounting software, making it as easy to manage your finances as it is to manage your properties. All transactions—including invoices, bills, management fees, and so on—are always broken down into line items

Edit items

Each line item has its own description, item, account, site, quantity, and amount.

Move items

Add and remove line items to existing invoices at any time.

Categorize items

You can break down transactions into multiple sites, sets of books, companies, and accounts.

Pay multiple invoices

Pay multiple invoices with a single click on one page using Property Matrix’s quick and intuitive payments interface.

Streamline Workflows and Eliminate Tasks

Line items save you time and boost productivity by streamlining and eliminating tasks from your daily workflows. For example:

  • When a vendor services multiple buildings but sends one bill, break down the bill and apply it to the right buildings within Property Matrix without breaking it up into different bills.
  • When you receive a tenant’s monthly rent, automatically apply it to different income accounts, such as parking, income, and rent income.

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