Maintenance Tickets

Reduce calls and emails by fully managing and automating maintenance ticket dispatching and billing.

A Better Maintenance Ticket System for Tenants, Vendors, Owners, and You

Create and Track Tickets

Tenants can create new tickets and track existing tickets from within the tenant portal.

Dispatch Tickets

Dispatch maintenance tickets directly to the right vendors or maintenance workers so they can respond quickly.

Manage Bills and Fees

Bill tenants, enter vendor bills, and charge management fees to owners through a single maintenance ticket.

Communicate with the Right People

Create email notifications for maintenance tickets so the right people receive messages when new tickets are submitted.

Customization and Improved Workflows

Add custom fields

Create custom fields for important information such as last roof inspection, move-out checklists, and more.

Automatic actions

Set automatic actions for saved tickets such as move-in or move-out tickets or pre-dated tickets for events like roof inspections.


Create nested tickets with multiple tasks such as a move-in ticket that creates sub-tickets for painters, plumbers, and inspectors.

Attach images

Attach pictures to any ticket to track damage, see work done by vendors onsite, and more.


Fully customize your printed and emailed work orders to match your branding and needs.


Search for tickets by vendor or building and view them at any time to track progress.

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