Management Company Accounting

Manage a full set of books for your company with 100% built-in accounting capabilities.

Eliminate Third Party Software Costs and Manual Data Entry

No third party software and repetitious manual data entry are needed to manage your books when you use Property Matrix because a full accounting system is built in. You can manage all transactions between your management company and all of the books you maintain for every property in a single system.

All the Accounting Features You Need at Your Fingertips

  • Easily enter transactions for your company and the owners you manage properties for.
  • Quickly enter bills and invoices to third parties.
  • Create complete financial reports for your management company.
  • Write and deposit checks without leaving Property Matrix.

No More Workarounds

Some property management systems have limited accounting functionalities, but Property Matrix was built so you don’t have to develop workarounds to your normal workflows.

For example, you might have to create a fake building to represent your company when you use other property management systems but not with Property Matrix!

You customize Property Matrix to work the way you do, so workarounds aren’t needed.

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