Multiple Leases and Tenants

Ultimate lease and tenant flexibility.

Multiple Leases for a Single Unit

With Property Matrix, you can create multiple leases for a single unit to match your real world leasing situations.

Real World Use:

Sometimes tenants have separate leases within a single unit. This is common when units are occupied by roommates, in student housing, and more. Managing these situations is easy in Property Matrix.

Multiple Tenants on a Single Lease

Add multiple tenants on the same lease including primary tenants, secondary tenants, and co-signees. You can even use custom fields to track pets and other information related to tenants and units.


Split Payments

Charge different tenants for different portions of the rent, and add any other line items that need to be charged to specific tenants only.

Save All the Tenant Contact Information You Need

There is no limit to the contact information you can save for tenants within Property Matrix. Save work phones, cell phones, personal emails, work emails, and more. Use tags so you can easily find and identify each one in the future.

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