Add logos, fonts, disclaimers, and important information to any document and save it as a template for easy use later.

Customize Everything with Templates

Property Matrix lets you customize anything you want so it always works with your business. You can fully customize the look and content of any document and store your designs as templates to save time generating them again in the future.

With Property Matrix, you can create templates for:

  • Invoices
  • Payment slips
  • Checks
  • Deposits
  • Reconciliation slips
  • Maintenance requests
  • Move out statements
  • And more

Create Templates for Each Property

Create unique templates for specific properties to easily send different information to different owners and tenants.

Use Custom Check Templates to Automate Payments

Automatically print customized checks from within Property Matrix to pay vendors and owners. No third party software is needed!

Customize Your Email Communications

With Property Matrix, you can quickly create all of the common emails you send out by creating prewritten email templates for each message. Attach documents and forms and customize all elements of your email templates. Property Matrix will send them to your tenants, owners, and vendors for you.

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