In property management a vendor is a company that provides specific services related to the purchase, renovation, upkeep, or management of your properties. There are many vendors that your business likely relies on but a few stand apart. These companies are valuable partners in the operations of your business.

Residential and commercial properties have unique needs. Many of the responsibilities of managing commercial properties may seem the same as those faced by residential property managers but that doesn’t make vendors interchangeable. Your commercial property should be tended to by skilled professionals who understand the unique challenges of commercial properties.

Here are five commercial property vendors that you need to keep on speed dial.

1. Commercial Pest Control Services

Lost productivity can be costly for businesses. Pest management professionals who specialize in commercial properties understand that an infestation can cause a lot of hardship for the business occupying that space. Commercial spaces require faster service to prevent or minimize downtime.

Prevention is just as important and thorough property managers know that maintaining a good relationship with a reputable pest control service can stop unwanted visitors. Commercial pest control experts do just as much outside as they do inside. Stopping pests from entering the premises means no infestations and no downtime for tenants.

Commercial properties need a custom approach to pest management. Homes tend to have little variation and therefore residential properties are susceptible to similar issues. Commercial properties include warehouses, retail, office space, restaurants, and more. Choose a commercial property vendor that is experienced and knowledgeable.

2. Property Management Firm

One of the most important commercial property vendors you can have is your property management firm. They can take care of your property and ensure that it is rented to quality tenants. Expert property management can help your business be more profitable by reducing vacancies and increasing the value you can offer to renters.

Property management firms have resources that most individuals don’t. One of the best tools that property managers have is software designed to simplify and improve operations and efficiency. Property management software can make all the difference and allow you to spend more time scaling your business.

3. Landscaping And Snow Removal

If your commercial property has communal outdoor spaces then chances are you will need landscaping. Landscaping creates a more pleasant, usable, and visually appealing place for tenants and visitors to enjoy. Making the most out of your outdoor space can make your property more desirable and valuable.

Landscaping goes beyond just esthetics. Proper maintenance of trees and plants keeps your property and the people on it safe. Falling limbs and ailing trees can cause damage to your property and creates a hazard for people.

Regions that get snow will need a snow removal vendor as well. Sidewalks, roads, and parking lots need to be kept clear of snow and ice for safety and accessibility. Landscaping and snow removal are integral parts of property management so do keep these commercial property vendors on call to help you run your business.

4. Commercial Cleaning Services

The coronavirus pandemic has taught property managers the value of proper cleaning and sanitation. Common indoor spaces need to be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Wise property managers keep good relations with their favorite cleaning services.

Because commercial properties can vary substantially in their use and function, each property requires a customized cleaning program that is specifically designed for the needs of the facility. Look for vendors that can do the regular maintenance such as cleaning washrooms, floors, and sanitizing items that are touched often along with specialized jobs such as dryer vent cleaning, exterior pressure washing, garbage chute cleaning, and more. Commercial Cleaning Services that can take care of all these needs are worth their weight in gold.

5. General Contractor

Good property management involves many construction professionals. You can try to source each vendor independently or you can develop a good rapport with a general contractor. These individuals have their own lists of preferred vendors that they have experience with. A general contractor can hire subcontractors and oversee their work to ensure quality and consistency.

General contractors work with plumbers to keep your system operational and prevent flooding. They can keep sewers and drains clear to stop water from getting backed up and causing damage. Plumbers can also instal new fixtures to keep your property up to date and functional.

The HVAC system on your commercial property needs to be maintained by a subcontractor as well. These professionals can keep ducts and heating as well as cooling units clean and functioning properly. They can conduct regular maintenance to extend the life of your furnace and air conditioning unit and they can make repairs and replacements as needed to keep your property in working order.

All electrical work should be handled by a professional. Your general contractor should know quality electricians that can repair problems with the existing electrical systems on your property. They can also make changes and install new switches, outlets, and fixtures as needed.

The roof on just about any property should be inspected regularly and replaced before water starts getting in. A quality roofing company can save you a lot of hassle and money. A good general contractor would know when your roof is due for replacement and they will have the right roofing company lined up for you,

General contractors have all the connections to keep your property in tip top shape. They know which commercial property vendors to call for which job and they know the good from the bad. Savvy property managers are wise to develop a good relationship with a general contractor of their choosing,

If you’re managing commercial properties you should build a portfolio of professionals that you can rely on. Commercial property vendors are important partners in the smooth operation of your business. Keep them on speed dial for your property management needs.