Property Matrix has launched an exciting new features exclusively for subscribing members.

Their exclusive check-scanning feature, allows customers to receive, deposit, and record payments via check scanner. These can be scanned one at a time, or as a stack of checks. Members who have subscribed to their ACH feature can also have these payments automatically deposited into their connected bank account.

Once the checks are loaded, a push of the “scan” button in the software will send the checks through, with an image of the check appearing onscreen. The payment will be automatically be deposited straight to the appropriate bank account, and the details will be recorded to save time from entering them manually.

About Property Matrix – Property Matrix is igniting the property-management software revolution with its focus on simplicity and ease-of-use and has reinvented property-management software with the use of GPS, mobile apps and cloud services. Property Matrix continues to lead the industry in constant innovation as new technologies become available.