When it comes to real estate, buyers and prospective renters don’t just buy listings- they buy lifestyles. That’s the magic about real estate marketing. Unlike other industries that heavily rely on reiteration of data and specifications, real estate is all about creating a unique narrative of what it actually feels like living in that specific property you’re trying to fill.

Sure, of course it sounds relatively simple. Just a word play game, right? And maybe throw in a couple of colorful, perfectly rendered videos, and you’ll be attracting callers in no time.

Well, sadly, it’s not that simple anymore. In the current fiercely competitive real estate environment, marketing is progressively getting complicated. Even with the extensive online platforms, passing your message to the right audience takes time. That’s why filling a vacant property doesn’t happen overnight. You need not only a solid marketing strategy, but also some finesse when handling the whole process of tenant turnover, and overall marketing.

Here are a couple of solid tips to help you in this, and get your property vacancies filled quickly:

Keep Your Website Up-To-Date

The importance of a website in property management can never be overemphasized. According to a report published by NAR, 44% of home searchers eventually settled for properties they found on the internet. That number would definitely rise if we factored in both commercial and residential property renters. Thankfully, the bulk of property managers recognize this, and have consequently built websites to market their properties.

Everything looks rosy till we have a look at the resultant numbers- unfortunately, 72% of real estate agents and property managers are unsatisfied with the number of leads generated from their websites.

So, why are websites not as effective anymore?

The secret lies in the housekeeping- website management. How well is your site maintained? Keeping an up-to-date website, for instance, is just as important as securing an attractive office. Keep revising your list of properties, integrate supplementary features like property management systems, and see the magic.

Get Professional Quality Photos and Videos

Online property marketing is all about photos and videos. That’s the fundamental principle of creating a narrative of your properties. A well thought out photo can do justice to a typically not-so-attractive piece of property, just as much as a poor one can do injustice to an extremely gorgeous place.

While poor quality photos can be enhanced digitally, it’s always advisable to get photos of the highest quality possible. Leave Instagram filters to the amateurs, and get a professional property photographer to do the job. While at it, familiarize yourself with the specific elements of your property that prospective renters love most, and capitalize on them. Focus on not only outdoors shots, but also indoor, at different levels of natural and artificial lighting.

If you can afford to fork over a few extra bucks, a drone video would definitely discern you from the rest. After all, the main goal was to have an edge over the competition, remember?

Conduct 3D Property Scans

3D property scanning is the stuff of legends. While 83% of individuals claim that they’d want to see photos of properties they are interested in, we bet that almost 100% would be amazed by the capabilities of 3D property scanning. It’s by far one of the most effectual property marketing tools of 2017.

It works by stitching together three dimensional images of an entire house to create a single composition that a user can fly-through, even in virtual reality- consequently giving an actual depiction of the state of the property. It allows prospective renters to virtually tour a property from the comfort of their workplaces and homes.

To conduct a good scan, hire reputable professionals to assist you through the whole process. Ultimately, the final digital product will be in VR and 3D, which can be reused every time you need to fill that specific vacancy.

Build a Popular Blog

70% of individuals prefer knowing companies through their online content as opposed to paid adverts. So, even when you dedicate thousands of dollars to paid campaigns, your web content, at the end of the day, stands to generate more leads. The only downside to this is that unlike paid adverts that are developed and displayed to a wide audience in a matter of seconds, building an extensive readership takes time- months and even years. That’s probably why 54% of agents and property managers confess that they only dedicate an average of 5 hours to their websites every month.

Developing a popular blog is pretty straightforward. Create useful and trendy posts as often as possible. The longer you persistently deliver enormous amounts of value on real estate, the faster your readership will soar. To connect more with your audience, consider combining that with images, infographics and videos. This will gradually build a stable audience to market your properties not only within your website, but also on social media.

Integrate a Solid Tenant Screening System

Finally, once the calls start coming in, you’ll need a solid tenant screening system to not only qualify tenants, but also assure prospective tenants of your professionalism. A good way to do this is relying on a comprehensive information system like Property Matrix. It offers advanced tenant screening features that combine credit and bankruptcy reports, eviction history, identity verification, plus employment information, to help you make informed decisions on who you’re actually handing the property keys to. And the best thing about all this is…it’s totally free of charge.