Rental properties need tenants to be profitable. Vacant units still generate expenses such as property taxes, basic utilities, and possibly mortgage payments. Filling vacancies quickly with quality tenants is an important part of the job for property managers.

Most rental properties find tenants with the use of property listings. These types of ads are specifically designed for the housing market and they are your primary tool for marketing vacant units. Online property listings have made it easy to list vacancies but competition can be fierce.

A well crafted property listing gets your posting noticed and makes all the difference. Take a little time to write a good listing that sells your unit. Expert rental property listing tips can help you steer clear of pitfalls and craft a posting that will attract new tenants instead of turning them away.

Craft Your Listing For A Specific Audience

If you have a vacant rental property on your hands you’re probably eager to fill it with whoever is willing to sign the lease. Vacant units can be scary but if you’re too desperate for a tenant you may be making a costly mistake. Look for tenants who are a good fit for your property increasing the odds that they will want to keep living there.

Take a good look at your property and the neighborhood. Ask yourself what kind of person or people would want to call this place home. These people are your target audience and you should be writing your listing for them. Include items that strike a chord with this group.

If your property is family friendly you can point out a spacious yard, rec room, and nearby schools and parks. Seniors can appreciate a bungalow with no stairs and a quiet neighborhood. College students are more likely to enjoy a bustling nightlife and a personal space that is private and secure.

One of the most important property listing tips to remember is to write for your target audience. Be critical and realistic with your unit and imagine the perfect tenant that would enjoy the qualities of the home and the surrounding area. Write your listing for that person and point out all the features that would appeal to them.

Write A Catchy Rental Property Listing Title

People scroll through countless listings without clicking on them. Writing a compelling title can increase the odds that your target audience will open your listing and learn about your property. Your title should be strong, relevant, and not too long.

People are looking for specific features in their new home. The most important factors for prospective tenants are the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a price point, and a location. You should include these three details in the listing title to catch the attention of people who need a house just like yours, at a price they can afford, in the area they want to live.

Top it off with one unique or enticing feature of your property. Keep your target audience in mind when deciding on the one thing you want to highlight. What feature would your ideal tenant be most impressed with?

Describe The Property

Start your listing with your property’s best feature. Writing for your target audience, describe one thing about your property that would stand out for them. Don’t use the same feature that you did in your title. Give the reader something else to get excited about.

Next give your prospective tenant the basic rundown of the place. Write about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as the layout of common areas. Use descriptive words such as bright, spacious, cozy, and open concept. Help your reader visualize themselves in your unit.

List the amenities and features of your property. Good items to include here are air conditioning, in unit laundry, dishwasher, and fireplace. Upgrades such as hardwood floors, granite countertops, and new appliances should be listed here as well.

Describe The Neighborhood

For most people location is a key deciding factor of where they want to live. The location will determine things such as commute and what is available in the area for tenants to enjoy. One great rental property listing tip is to include a map of the area highlighting points of interest.

Describe the neighborhood and the types of people who live there. Is it quiet and cozy with mature neighbors? Is there a vibrant nightlife after dark? Are there a lot of kids living on the street?

Mention the amenities of the neighborhood and surrounding area. Talk about the community, restaurants, shops, parks, and playgrounds. Mention libraries, museums, community centers, schools, and hospitals. Remember the target audience you are writing for and be creative.

Take Photos

Photos are one of the best tools you have for attracting prospective tenants to your property listing. Every rundown of rental property listing tips needs to include a section on photos. If you don’t include any, you will be greatly limiting the exposure that your listing receives.

You should have at least one picture for every room. If your property has any special features such as a fireplace or jacuzzi make sure you have pictures of them. Don’t forget the exterior and your outdoor space. Take photos of the yard and any features such as decks, landscaping, or pool.

The quality of your photos is important too. Take your photos on a bright day with the curtains open and the lights on. Make sure the space looks clean and uncluttered. Look for angles that showcase your property at its best.

The next time you’re crafting a rental property listing, make sure that you first understand your target audience. Write the listing for them including all of the features that your property has to offer which they are likely to enjoy. Give the same attention to the neighborhood and add plenty of good pictures.

Avoid using vague language as this could be perceived as an attempt at dishonesty. Remember that you are looking for quality tenants who will want to keep living in your unit. Be honest and focus on finding a tenant that’s the right fit for your property.