One of the most important, but time-consuming, tasks associated with being a property manager is handling the accounting. Record-keeping skills require hours of tedious data entry and constant reconciliation. Property Accounting software was designed by our team of experts at Property Matrix to alleviate many of the repetitive tasks to free up time to focus on other duties.



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With enterprise-class accounting built-in, managing properties is easier. Our software keeps track of all receivables and payables and are accessed through our Accounting Pages. Full-invoice accounting allows you to assign different revenue accounts within an invoice, track revenue stream and append tenant fees as needed. Profiles can be established to save standard lease details to save time and reduce mistakes.

Accounting Software For Property Management


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Take advantage of built-in, flexible scheduling to handle recurring transactions like creating invoices. Set monthly, weekly or daily processing to automatically prepare your invoices. One-time special discounts can be applied to appropriate invoices as an incentive for long-term lessees. Set it up once, and it will be included automatically at the proper time.

Our mobile app makes the Accounting Software for Property Management even more powerful. Enter expenses in real-time, dispatch work orders directly to service people and keep track of high-performing vendors for future use. Job status updates, parts cost and service -call fees can all be entered and tracked.

Property Management and Accounting Software


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Property Management and Accounting Software combine to streamline the job. Online tenant payments are convenient for the tenants and save you a trip to the bank. Accept ACH, credit card and check payments directly through the software program. It’s been proven that more tenants pay on time and in full when they have an easier method of payment. The Tenant’s Portal lets renters track their bills online and better meet their budgets.

Get paid faster with calculated management fees. Set-up formulas for fee calculation and the program will manage your choices for each owner for faster payments. Owner draws can be made through ACH transfer, and monthly draws can be calculated based on rent, expenses and reserve balances. Fast and easy processing frees up time to handle all your other duties.

Run customized reports for various owners, identify outstanding invoices and rent payments and prepare year-end tax documents with ease. Let Property Matrix simplify your accounting process. Start your free trial today.