Marketing is one of the primary elements of business management. It allows organizations to create brand awareness and engage with its target audience while creating value. Marketing helps customers to understand the worth of goods and services and the core values of the company behind them.

Property management marketing is not so different from the campaigns initiated by organizations that operate in other fields. One of the most notable differences is that we must market to our clients, the property owners, as well as the tenants who occupy those properties. This dual focus only intensifies the need for a solid marketing strategy in this industry.

Most of the marketing initiatives property management firms should employ can be tailored to both owners and tenants. Often it can even be beneficial to have some overlap since owners want to see happy tenants too. With so much at stake, property management marketing needs to be an ongoing process. Read on to learn how to make your marketing strategy work for your business.

Have A Stellar Website

It’s difficult to operate a business without a strong online presence and the launchpad to that presence is a really good company website. A comprehensive property management marketing strategy involves a dual purpose website which attracts both tenants and owners encouraging both to close the deal. A prospective owner should quickly understand what you offer and feel that you will fix their problems, while a potential tenant should immediately see all of the vacancies your company has to offer.

Nobody wants to poke around for an hour on your site trying to find what they need. Your website should be clear and focused with relevant content and an easy to navigate menu for all of the different types of visitors who land there. A tenant may want to pay their bill, an owner might want to check their financial statements, and prospective leads want to see what your company does and get in touch.

Develop A Successful Property Management Sales Process

It doesn’t matter how many leads you bring in if you can’t close the deal. A sales process that works is an essential part of growing your business. Establish an effective way of communicating why you’re the best qualified to take care of an owner’s investment.

Follow up on every lead or your competition will. Establish yourself as an expert that can address their concerns and solve their problems. Remain in regular contact with those leads that aren’t ready to take the plunge so that when they are ready, it’s you they will remember.

Utilize Content Marketing

Consistently produce relevant high-quality content for your website that addresses those problems which property owners are looking to solve. When potential leads search the web to solve those issues they will find your website. The content they find there should work to establish your business as an expert in the field and build customer confidence.

Adding a blog section to your website helps your site rank better with search engines. Relevant content adds keywords to your website which owners are searching for. Additionally, consistent blog posts signal search engines that your website is being updated regularly preventing it from being labelled as inactive and dropping down in ranking.

Manage Your Online Reputation

Online shoppers are savvier than ever and one of the main factors influencing their choices are reviews. Get your business listed on review sites such as Yelp and Google as part of your property management marketing strategy. Include positive testimonials on your website too.

Work hard to address client concerns to get positive reviews and a high star rating. Don’t be afraid to ask satisfied clients for a review. A happy tenant that just moved in or an owner that is getting more revenue because of your services are good candidates for helping you build your online reputation.

Build Your Social Media Presence

Social media is a great tool for engaging with current tenants and owners while attracting some new ones. When managed correctly your social media platforms can be the push prospective customers need when they are researching your company. Linking your social media profiles to your website can give you a nice SEO boost too.

Social media is a good place to share the content you have created on your website to get even more value out of it. Give a friendly shoutout to new clients tagging their profiles. It’s smart to post positive reviews too and show the world why they need to start doing business with you.

Assemble A Mailing List

Growing a list of email addresses is a smart business strategy. Ideally you should have one list for tenants, another for owners, and a third list for leads. Send email blasts to each group with relevant events, promotions, and updates. The articles you create for your website are good too.

Collecting email addresses for tenants and clients is easy. Simply ask for this information at the start of the relationship. Finding email addresses for leads is more complicated.

You can give people the ability to opt in and sign up to your mailing list on your website and social media profiles. These campaigns are generally more successful if you offer something in return. An eBook, entry into a raffle, free training seminar, or anything easily deliverable that your target audience will find appealing.

Is your property management marketing strategy working for your organization? Tenants and property owners are spending more time online than ever and we need to bring our business to them if we want to be seen. Without a meaningful online presence, a marketing strategy just can’t reach its potential.

To make the most out of our marketing dollars and hours we need to carve out an online space for our business and create valuable content to draw people in. We need to engage with tenants and owners, develop a solid reputation that people trust, and build a contact list. Make the most out of your property management marketing and grow your business.