Managing multiple properties requires powerful lease management software. Property Matrix has designed a streamlined, easy-to-operate system to save time, reduce mistakes and stay organized. Standard and custom lease profiles are created to include specific line items such as late fees, due dates and other frequently used details. Simply attach the lease to the tenant profile for a full summary.


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A five-tab dashboard keeps each category organized and linked to a main interface. The cloud-based accounting system allows you to prepare invoices, track revenue sources, plus append tenant fees such as parking, maintenance and cleaning costs. Our full-invoice accounting method utilizes state-of-the-art technologies, which means you can assign sub-items within an invoice for specialized sorting.

Payments – Incoming lease payments or outgoing vendor payments, Property Matrix lease management software handles it all. Set up automatic payment reminders or allow for payments through recurring ACH, credit card or check payments. Tenant pages are available for secure log-ins where they can view their bills and pay online. Management fees are calculated automatically to save you time and improve accuracy.

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Scheduling – Set up recurring transactions in any interval you need. Invoices are automatically created on the designated day and prepare a compilation of all invoices for the duration of the lease. You can even detail special discounts and fees within the lease period.

Expenses – Property Matrix has developed a mobile app to track vendor charges and performance. Valuable reports clearly identify which vendors perform the best for future service calls.

Professional Property Management Software


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Property Matrix is continually working on innovative professional property management software to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry. Currently, we are developing programs that utilize GPS, mobile apps and cloud services. Simplicity and user-friendly systems work under a single, intuitive dashboard so managers can navigate smoothly between tenants and properties.

Managing multiple properties can be time-consuming and challenging. We’ve designed our interface to provide access to everything on a single page. Use filters to display all vacancies, tenants and leases to quickly locate only the details you need. A unique label system developed by Property Matrix allows you to customize segments of your properties such as city, geographical region, square footage or with leases ending in the next month. Create shortcuts for repetitive tasks, stay organized and feel confident your data is stored safely and securely.