As a property owner, you obviously know what it takes to make good decisions. If you haven’t decided to use some sort of online property management software to help you keep track of your real estate business affairs, you may want to do so. Sure, you might be able to handle everything going on manually, but why leave things to chance. A good property management software program will let you keep track of your tenants, properties, collect payments and when your tenants’ rents are due—all from any device that has internet access.


What is it?

Online property management software allows you to track and record all of your account transactions on any device that is internet accessible. This has become the preferred method of property management software, as opposed programs that need to be installed on a computer. Online software is less expensive and easier to use.


The software may also be used to automate communication between your tenants, owners and suppliers and generate reminder notices.

How it can help

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Do you have trouble staying organized? The last thing you want is important business information to fall through the cracks. Good online property management software can help stay on track and keep your emails, messages and appointments in one spot.

Often times, efficiency and finances can go hand-in-hand. If your business is running inefficiently, there’s a good chance your cash flow is going to suffer. Property management software will shave off the time, if not eliminate it completely, it takes you to track down contracts and check, process invoices or send out notices. With these tasks eliminated off of your “to-do” list, you and your team can spend more time focusing on making sales and generating revenue.

Keep your customers happy

With property ownership comes handling maintenance requests. If you own just one property, you might be able to keep up with all the requests that come your way. Once you’re in control of multiple properties, it can be easy to mix up or lose track of which tenants requested what. You don’t want to let a tenant down ever, but you especially don’t want it to happen because you weren’t organized. Most programs are equipped with maintenance management features, so you’ll stay on top of all tasks much more easily.