Before you took on the role of Property Manager, you may not have realized just how many “hats” you’d be wearing to perform the job. As you oversee the care of buildings, apartments, houses, industrial facilities and other properties, you gain skills in customer service, negotiation, organizational and communication. Skill requirements will constantly increase as your business grows. You might interview potential renters, review the lease and property rules, collect rent and fees, take care of building and grounds maintenance, pay utility and repair bills, address tenant complaints, establish budgets, and maintain government compliance.


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Trying to keep track of all these responsibilities can be overwhelming. Property Matrix has designed Property Management Software Online to help you save time and money. Our state-of-the-art programming has built-in features you’ll use every day, such as:

  • Customizable website templates designed to quickly advertise vacancies, attract tenants, identify advantages and details of the property, take applications and initiate a background check.
  • Online lease agreements that can be authenticated with a digital signature; security deposit collection.
  • Financial/Accounting functions to collect rents and fees, pay bills, prepare budgets, identify expenditures, forecast cash flow and analyze data.
  • Maintenance and repair requests can be submitted 24/7 with automatic subcontractor referral; follow-up notification for estimated repair completion.
  • Collect, analyze and summarize data for owners and tax returns.
  • Maintain records to maintain local, state and federal statute compliance.

Property Management Online Software


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You may think that Property Management Online Software is only for big businesses with a large number of properties. But Property Matrix understands that managing one building or hundreds requires a lot of work. If you want less stress and more time to handle everything that requires your personal attention, then this is the program for you.

Our software is like having your own personal assistant. Perform routine tasks like rent collection (EFT or credit card payments) and repair requests (tenants can request service any time of the day or night through the tenant’s portal.) No installation is required. Just log in from any device in any location to access your files from cloud storage.

With less time spent on data entry and record keeping, you can focus on interacting with tenants, building relationships and reducing turnover. You’ll also have more time to manage new buildings and grow your business.

Best of all, the software package is affordable. You pay only $1 per month per unit. No hidden fees.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read through our many positive testimonials from happy property managers just like you. A Property Matrix agent will be happy to answer all your questions and provide a free demonstration. Take the first step toward making your life easier.