As an onsite property manager, your work probably requires you to run around all day, ensuring everything is working fine around your building. Your job compels you to regularly check on your tenants and coordinate property management activities- including balancing the books, screening your prospective tenants and updating property owners accordingly. It may seem like a relatively easy job on paper because of the convenience attached to being a resident on the property- but it’s usually hectic, considering the repetitive tasks you are required to attend to on a daily basis.

In such a fast paced environment, your best bet to boosting efficiency in your management business is leveraging technological solutions- and what’s better than a mobile onsite property management software?

Sure, you’ve probably heard about computer based property management systems- but have you ever thought about trying one that you can carry around in your pocket at all times? In today’s world, mobile phone and tablet technology is progressively improving, allowing people to install and leverage a wide range of applications, including property management. Property Matrix is one popular example of an effectual mobile application you may consider trying out, with a wide range of management-critical operations. Here are some of the benefits you can reap from it.


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The 21st onsite property manager should have a relatively easy time compared to yester century managers- you shouldn’t waste your time knocking on every tenant’s door to collect payments and issue receipts. Instead, you should be delegating your duties at the touch of a button- and that’s the privilege that Property Matrix grants you. All your critical business elements are conveniently accessed through your mobile phone.


Imagine ditching your tenant’s information, maintenance records, and accounts notebooks for a single applications that grants you centralized access to all these elements concurrently in real time. This not only improves your overall organization, but also protects your business information- which would otherwise be lost if you misplaced your notebooks.

Report Generation

As a property manager, you have an obligation to generate the requisite reports and present them to the property owner on a periodic basis. Of course that confines you to your office for hours, going through all the books just to get everything right. In some cases, information may be lost or forgotten, leading to erroneous reports. Property matrix safeguards your information and automatically generates the critical reports as required.

Due to such significant benefits, and the fact that the world is progressively adapting to the digital era, taking the leap into a mobile onsite property management app would definitely be a very strategic move for your business.