It’s at the end of month and things start getting hectic in your property management business- you need to prepare and issue invoices to your respective tenants, coordinate contractors on scheduled maintenance checks and repairs, plus countercheck your month’s records to ensure everything perfectly checks out. Unfortunately, things start overwhelming your employees and before you get your house in order, you notice a couple of discrepancies- your accounts figures are suddenly not adding up, contractors are complaining of delayed payments and one of your tenants is even threatening to sue you for poor service delivery.

Such problems are persistent possibilities especially if you rely on a manual system of organization. One of the most efficacious methods of shielding your business from such troubles is adopting a property accounting software.

Property Management Database Software

Property management database software is basically a dream come true for property managers. Instead of running around your office juggling between property maintenance, accounting and tenant screening, your software will handle it all for you. You’ll essentially be able to, among other things, effectively coordinate your contractors in a manner that you’ll always know who’s working where and when. This is through a feature that systematically schedules all the maintenance checks according to urgency, scope of works and availability of professional experts.

Additionally, you’ll be able to keep a record of all your contractor rapports. As a result, you’ll always have the detailed contacts of all the professionals you’ve worked with and would like to contract for future jobs. In case a problem develops, even after a decade down the line after working with a certain contractor, you’ll always have the number to call. Recording all your contractor interactions can also come in handy when disputes arise, especially relating to compensations and quality of work.

Property Management Accounting Software Free


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As a business-minded individual, you probably care a lot about your company’s finances than all the other elements combined. That’s why you’d definitely be pleased by savings a property management accounting software like Property Matrix would make. Unlike most software products in the market, it’s optimized for multi-level financial savings arising from reduced business operational costs, organized contracting and accounts tracking to prevent discrepancies. The best part about it is that you’ll be getting real time financial reports, as opposed to regularly dedicating a couple of hours to balance ledger and invoice books.