Finding the right property management software can be as challenging as the job itself. Property Matrix has designed a full-service system that provides cutting-edge technology to handle the multiple tasks you’re faced with each day. Developed as a communication tool for property owners, managers and tenants, its user-friendly interface and mobile apps will help you stay on top of bills, maintenance, paperwork and vacancies too.


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Best Online Property Management Software

Our team is dedicated to making property management easier for you, so we’ve created the best software to help you do that. Property Matrix displays everything you need on  a single, intuitive dashboard for quick navigation and simple administration. Filters display all vacancies, tenants or unit information you need, and organizational tools will keep track of all your changes as you move from building to building.

Every client receives full access to these best-practice capabilities:

What is the Best Property Management Software

Property Matrix proudly provides the best property management software. Our streamlined process gives you the power to manage multiple properties from any single location. You just need to sign in, and you’ve got all the tools to do your job.

The Properties Page gives you the power to manage more than one property at a time, including marketing, maintenance, and billing. Just sign in and you’re ready to go.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll get:

Owners Portal – We’ve simplified all the features needed for unsurpassed control. Owners can view statements, maintenance costs, rent collected, outstanding payments; access bill paying, fee calculation – all aspects of their properties. This allows property managers like you to focus on your own responsibilities while helping the business grow.

All-In-One Accounting – Keeping finances organized is a critical component to the property manager’s job. Our high-tech software helps you keep track with an Accounting tab. The interface allows you to view all buildings, tenants and vendors simultaneously from the same page. Keep track of rent payments, check your current and upcoming bills, calculate fees, create and send invoices, all from the convenience of your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Best Software for Property Management


Individual Building Sites – Instantly create professional websites for each of your buildings. Easy-to-use templates help you design a unique online presence to generate traffic and leads. In addition, exceptional customer service is only a click away. Tenants can submit and track maintenance requests for their units right through the Building Site. The online portal also provides an easy credit card payment option for chargeable repairs.

Online Classifieds – Property Matrix has pre-designed Craigslist templates to post vacancies for multiple units. Applications show up on your dashboard Leads tab for easy follow-up.

Maintenance Requests – Keeping your tenants happy is easier with Maintenance pages. This is where you keep track of all repairs, inspections and invoices. Communicate with contractors or maintenance staff for scheduling and completion dates, then post details directly to the Building Site to keep tenants updated.


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Top Rated Property Management Software

We pride ourselves on working with only the best so that you receive nothing less than the best. We’ve already produced top-rated property management software that makes life easier for our customers, but we’re not done. Our team is devoted to continued development and finding solutions for all types of business owners – from start-ups to large corporations. It’s our mission to keep you happy by keeping your customers happy. By the number of satisfied customer testimonials we’ve already received about our Property Management software, it’s definitely working.