Today’s business doesn’t just happen in an office anymore, and Property Matrix understands that property managers need to have all the data at their fingertips, no matter where they are. Your enrollment gives you access to software that works seamlessly between devices – computer, tablet and now smartphones. Just download the property management app – available for both Android and iPhone – log-in and manage all your properties in one place.

Our cloud-based property management software allows you to run applications for monitoring multiple buildings at once, coordinate maintenance requests, collect payments, post vacancies, follow-up on leads, pay bills and more. All data is securely stored and optimized for speed and efficiency.


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Small Property Management Software

With more people searching for everything they need online, we knew our website and mobile applications must provide top-quality rental solutions. Our small property management software can help attract more potential renters with our professional website. It maintains high-level search engine optimization and advertising campaigns are targeted to gain maximum exposure. New leads can be tracked throughout the sales process, prospective tenants can be screened, leases can be signed digitally and even rent payments can be collected online.

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The Property Matrix team has also built-in significant accounting tools to maintain compliance and provide a data trail for all your accounting activity. Fully functional across all platforms, our accounting software helps you quickly and easily track expenses, produce invoices, handle incoming and outgoing electronic payments, and stay on budget.

Rental property maintenance is a breeze with with your maintenance panel. Receive new incidents quickly and accurately, keep track of service requirements and coordinate repair calls efficiently within a building. Customer satisfaction is key to long-term, trouble-free tenants. Our collaborative software allows for easy reporting, updates and scheduling in the office or out.

Stay on top of all your property management duties, keep your tenants happy and stay on budget with Property Matrix Small Property Management software. Give it a trial run today.