Everyone seemingly enjoys getting things for free- we all prefer making savings when and where we could, including on software. And software developers recognize this. That’s why there’s free software in pretty much all the fields you can think of- including rental property management.


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Property Manager Software Free

So, why would anyone think of developing free software? What do they stand to benefit? Why would proprietary software developers still place price tags on their products even when consumers have the option of relying on free software versions?

The truth of the matter is, the software business is just like any other regular business. It’s not that different even compared to your type of businesses. Now, imagine giving out apartments for free- that would seem crazy, right? You are in business to make money and there’s no room for free giveaways- unless you are actually benefitting from it. And that’s precisely what applies even in the free software world. You will not get anything for free, unless the developers are actually benefitting from it.

Rental Property manager Software Free

So, how do such software developers actually benefit? The answer is simple- adverts. The more they distribute their product, the larger their audience grows and consequently the more the money they stand to make. That means their main business isn’t actually software developing and support- it’s advertising. By installing free software, you’ll be entrusting your business to a platform that’s developed by people who don’t care much about how their products impact your overall real estate management business, but your role as a solid marketing audience.

Property Management free software

As a result of adopting free property management software, you end up losing out on some of the most fundamental aspects of technology-assisted property management. In addition to poorly optimized software features, you’ll get very minimal technical support, if at all you’re lucky to get any. Many free software users usually end up getting frustrated by lack of sufficient support in case of technical hitches. But who can actually blame the software developers for lack of IT support? After all, they are not directly paid for the developing and distributing free software.

As a focused property manager, making compromises that affect stability of your business should be the last thing on your mind. That’s why you should be ready to fork out a couple of dollars to acquire an efficacious proprietary software that will indeed safeguard all your business interests.