It’s critical that managers identify qualified rental applicants and convert them to residents quickly and confidently. Property Matrix property management software enables you to obtain the comprehensive financial data of prospective tenants to make informed decisions for reducing risks and removals.


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A simple, streamlined system allows data to be input once to generate a credit report from the national credit agency, Experian Connect, and apply the results across multiple properties . By checking credit history and obtaining fact-based results before entering into a rental agreement, you’ll more accurately confirm the applicant meets the automated community standards you’ve established.

Obtain identity, address and employment verification before proceeding any further. Alerts are triggered when inconsistencies in details provided on the application form are detected, helping you maintain compliance requirements for the U.S.A. Patriot Act and FACTA Red Flags efforts.

Once you’ve determined the accuracy of basic application details, you can proceed to credit reporting details, such as:

  •      Credit cards – number open, balances and payment history
  •       Loans – bank cards, auto loans, mortgages; including date opened, credit limit,

balance and payment history

  •      Credit inquiries – two-year data for voluntary and involuntary inquiries
  • Collections – public records from collection agencies, state and county courts, bankruptcies, foreclosures, lawsuits, liens, judgments and wage garnishments.
  • Income to debt ratio – percentage of outstanding debt against income needed to repay
  •      Credit score – combination of all criteria to determine creditworthiness


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Property Matrix helps owners and property managers improve their bottom line by efficiently processing rental applications, reducing the number of delinquencies, evictions and skips. By automating this process, you’ll increase consistent results, reduce employee training requirements and obtain a larger number of reliable tenants.

With a proven record of providing high-quality credit checks for renters, our Property Matrix software will systematically deliver all the tools you’ll need to make informed decisions and fill your property vacancies with high-quality residents.