Reviewing rental applications can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Property Matrix software provides free tenant screening capabilities to help you make the best leasing decisions quickly. This fully integrated system allows for advanced screening, so you can manage your risk by checking a potential tenant’s identify, credit, eviction and bankruptcy history.


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Included as part of your Property Matrix service agreement, this free software will help improve your profit margins by choosing well-qualified applicants and converting them to reliable residents. No more guessing if the information provided on their application is accurate; now you’ll know before they sign their lease agreement.



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We help you build an effective resident screening program that can be utilized immediately or saved for future reference. This customizable program allows you to pull a comprehensive background check on the applicant or filter only specific details. This system provides accurate, easy-to-understand data, so you can confidently make informed decisions.

Review these important details:

  • Credit report – Receive clear, concise credit information from the U.S. credit agency, Experian Connect. This may disclose information left out of the initial application and will allow you to understand the true creditworthiness of the potential resident. You’ll receive data such as: credit score, credit rating, credit score factors (VantageScore® 3.0,) delinquent payments, income to debt ratio, credit card data, credit inquiries and outstanding loans.
  • Eviction history – United States court records are obtained to uncover any prior eviction proceedings brought against the applicant. If there is a history of action, you’ll be notified.
  • Bankruptcies and liens – Public filings are identified with dates, status of filing and amount of debt included in the bankruptcy notice. Liens placed against the applicant’s record are also noted, so you can clearly understand outstanding risk factors.
  • Identity and address verification – You’ll want to be sure the applicant is providing accurate details about their identity. Our thorough software program will flag any inconsistencies, so you’ll know if there’s a problem right away.
  • Employment information – The report also includes all current and previous employers, so you can confirm application data and follow-up if necessary.

All information is obtained with the initial purchase of an Experian credit report by the applicant. Potential renters pay a small fee, grant you 30-day private access and comprehensive financial details are provided with just a name and email address. Effective, free tenant screening delivered with convenient, easy-to-read reports will help you choose the right tenants for your properties, save you money and increase revenue for your company.