Whether you have one unit to manage or many apartment buildings, it’s vital to find high-quality, financially sound tenants that pay their rent on time. Property Matrix has a built-in tenant screening service incorporated into our property management software to help you clearly identify the right residents for your vacant properties.


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Established as an automatic process with all applicants, tenant screening is available in conjunction with the powerful credit agency, Experian Connect. Privacy concerns are no longer an issue as applicants are responsible for the purchase of their own credit report and to provide you with access to their financial history. There is no charge for Property Matrix clients and data is available for up to 30 days. This service provides fast results, so you can match the applicant to the property they can afford.

Features and benefits of the program include:

  • Landlord and tenant registration and authentication

  • Applicant’s credit report and score

  • Credit Bureau report for information you can trust

  • Secure, fast interface – convenient access 24/7

  • Nationwide coverage for cross-state credit reporting

  • All digital records – no printouts, faxing or copying

  • No charge for landlord (tenant pays $14.95)


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Saving you time and money, you’ll be able to access the potential tenant’s VantageScore® – the new credit score model developed for accuracy by the three national credit reporting agencies. In addition, find out key details such as income to debt ratio, outstanding loans, delinquent payment history, eviction data and public bankruptcy filings.

Property Matrix software delivers enhanced reporting capabilities to help you verify an applicant’s identity too. By being alerted to all associated names, addresses and phone numbers, you’ll be able to reduce losses and minimize risk by gaining dependable residents.