10 Tips for Retaining Tenants

The most valuable asset a landlord can have are quality tenants. These people follow the rules and pay their bills on time without leaving damage and disruption in their wake. Every property... Read more

12 Amenities Tenants Now Want

Property managers and landlords rely on tenants to keep their business afloat. Vacant units don’t bring in any income but continue to incur expenses. Attracting and retaining high quality... Read more

7 Cost-Saving Management Tips

Global economists are raising concerns of a financial downturn and forecasts are showing the growing risk of a coming stagnation. As a result businesses have begun looking for cost saving... Read more

These 9 Things Will Boost Your ROI

Business professionals know the importance of measuring an investment’s profitability and a good metric to use is the return on investment. The ROI is used to assess how well your investment... Read more

The 5 Most Profitable Property Types

The biggest question for investors is which property will be the most profitable. Different property types come with different rents but profitability isn’t as simple as the amount a... Read more

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