Powerful and Easy to Use Features

All the features you need to work smarter, boost efficiency, and save time.

Zero Cost Payments

Property Matrix includes easy Credit Card card and ACH payment options for your tenants, vendors, and owners, and fast check scanning for your office.

Online Payments

Zero cost Credit Card Processing and Zero Cost ACH means that you don’t need to worry about extra charges no matter how many tenants pay their rent by credit card or ACH.

Check Scanning

We know you’d love for all your tenants to pay online, but we also know some of your tenants still pay their rent with checks. Check Scanning takes a stack of 100 checks and converts them to deposits in less than a minute. Checks are matched to your tenants, images stored and funds deposited to your bank account automatically.

Check Printing

Print your own checks for any bank account, including MICR support.

Enterprise Class Accounting

Property Matrix is a complete accounting solution so you can manage the most complex books, properties, and companies without complicated workarounds.

Separate sets of books

Whether you manage 200 units or 20,000, Property Matrix is designed to handle the toughest accounting complexities. Sets of books and buildings are independent so you can have separate sets of books for each building or you can combine some or all buildings into the same set of books.

Management Company Accounting

Use the built-in Management Company Accounting to enter and track transactions for your property management company in addition to managing income and expenses for your properties. You can even manage multiple Property Management Companies if you have a more complex corporate structure.

Line Items

Because Property Matrix is an accounting software first, all transactions are broken down to line items which can be tracked to separate income, expense, asset, liability and equity accounts.


Memorize recurring transactions including the breakdown of account appropriation.

Multi Lease & Tenant

Accurately keep track of your lease agreements with Multiple Leases and Multiple Tenants per unit

Owner Statements

Fully customizable owner statements including varying ownership percentages.

Transactions History

Drill down and editable Transactions History

Sub Accounts

Nested Sub Accounts for grouping and summing related accounts


Enter high-volume checks and bill payments fast with Multipay.

Customize Everything

Custom Fields

Property Matrix adapts to your business as opposed to your business adapting to it. Keep track of information unique to your business using Custom Fields on Buildings, Units and leases.

Custom Reports

Edit, customize and create your own reports without limits. Any data that’s available in the system is available to any report.

Automatic Actions

Use Automatic Actions and program the system to perform tasks for you on a preset schedule or when your tenants or your staff perform specific actions.

Labels and Search

Use labels to customize the way your properties are organized so you can quickly view Vacancies, Lease Expiration, Insurance requirements or simply group properties by any custom field for maximum flexibility and control of your data and your property. Use the universal search feature in Property Matrix to quickly find any unit, tenant, owner, company, or building.

Customize Templates

Customize templates for Checks, Bills, Invoices, Owner Statement and emails.

Unique Settings

Create unique setting Profiles and Fee Structures for groups of buildings.

Roles and Permissions

Create individual users with different roles and permissions.

Quick to navigate

Use the Properties page to find the information you need fast.

Theming Options

Personalize your account with multi theme support

Michelle Current

Rubin Properties

Still the BEST Selection!

Our company is new to Property Matrix but so far, we are loving this system! As the bookkeeper for our three properties, I searched high and low for a software that could meet all our needs at a reasonable price. We are so excited to be using this software because it’s a one stop shop. We couldn’t be happier with Daniel’s support and service from the start. I’m confident this is the one for your company as well, save yourself (and your staff) time and headaches. Try it, you have nothing to lose!

Source: Capterra

Comprehensive Document Management

Attached Documents

If you’re managing hundreds or even thousands of units, you need a way for everyone in your office to pull any document at any time. When you upload or create a document on a building, unit, lease or maintenance ticket, you get an indexed, searchable document that’s available to the right departments in your organization immediately.

Scanned Bills

Maintain full accountability and audit trail for you and your owners by attaching scanned copies of bills and setting an automatic action to send the scanned copies to owners along with their owner statement.

Electronic Signatures

When you need to get your documents signed, you don’t need to upload them to a separate document signing solutions because Property Matrix includes built in document signing. You can use your existing forms and letters by overlaying fields on a scanned PDF or create a form from scratch for your tenants to fill out using the built in text editor.

Document Scanning

The only property management system with real-time cloud document scanning. Seamless Integration with Fujitsu Scansnap Cloud allows you to scan leases, bills, applications and other documents from your scanner directly into Property Matrix with one click from a lightning fast, touchscreen scanner.

Communications Hub

Today, when a tenant sends you an email it either ends up in your mailbox and you have to forward it to the right person or it might land in a gigantic inbox where you keep thousands of conversations you have with tenants, vendors and owners. With Property Matrix, there’s a better way.

Integrated Inbox

Our communications hub maintains all of your emails, invoices and signed documents with tenants, vendors and owners right next to their contact information so you can always stay up to date on the latest conversation.

Email Templates

If you find yourself sending the same emails over and over you can create templates including attachments to streamline those repetitive communications.

Email Blasts

Create letters with variable fields that prefill based on who they are sent to and select multiple recipients for an email blast based on buildings or any other criteria you define.

Websites & Portals

Building Websites

Every building gets its own building website, with an online application that feeds directly to your leads page. Once your prospect submits an application, they can pay their application fee online so their Credit Report can be run automatically. Best of all, when the application is approved, all of their information is transferred to the lease so you don’t have to type a thing!

Tenant Portals

Make your tenants happy and your owners happier with a tenant portal for every building. Whether tenants enter in maintenance tickets online or conveniently pay and view their bills online, having online access for your tenants saves you time.

Post Vacancies

Post vacancies directly to Apartments.com, Apartmentfinder.com, Trulia, Live Lovely and Zillow with one click or print flyers to hand out at showings

Property Websites

Share your Property Management Website with a full list of buildings you manage and available vacancies.

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