Manage Smarter. Customize Everything.

Property Matrix is the world’s most customizable and user-friendly property management solution.

Powerful, User-Friendly, Fully Customizable

For years, property managers like you have been forced to choose between a powerful system that can do everything they need, or a user friendly system that their staff can actually use. Those days are over. With Property Matrix, you don’t have to choose. You get it all.

Customize Everything

Work with a property management software that adjusts to your business, rather than one that forces you to adjust.

Enterprise Accounting

Whether you manage 200 units or 20,000, Property Matrix is designed to handle the toughest accounting complexities.

Zero Cost Payments

You don’t need to worry about calculating processing costs or transaction fees. There aren’t any costs to you. Ever.

Document Management

Do away with scattered documents throughout your office or a complicated folder structure on your network drive.

Communication Hub

Send email blasts and maintain all your correspondence with Tenants, Vendors and Owners in one place.

Work your way - we've got you covered

120 Included Features
5.0 Average Customer Review
500 Customizable Reporting Fields

Enterprise Class Reporting

We’re the only property management software that offers a fully editable report designer so you can create any report you can think of based on any information in the system.

Do you find that your current software is missing a critical report? Call us, send us your report and we’ll build it for you.*

*Fee may apply

Enterprise Class Accounting

No more workarounds. With Property Matrix, you can separate companies and properties so that each company can own as many properties as they do in real life.

Now you can properly manage a separate set of books for each corporation with ease. You can even manage sets of books for multiple property management companies.

User-friendly Interface

Our new interface utilizes the latest technology to deliver the clean, sleek, streamlined experience users have come to expect from a Web 2.0 product.

We know your business is always on the go, so we optimized the entire interface to be fully functional from any mobile device. No basic apps, everything you can do on the desktop, you’ll be able to do on your phone or tablet.

All the features you need

Custom Reports

Use the integrated report builder to create all the reports you need.

Automatic Actions

Save time and boost productivity by setting actions to happen automatically.

Check Scanning

No more bank runs. Scan and deposit hundreds of checks in under a minute.

Document Signing

Work with one system that handles it all. Built in.

Custom Fields

Create your own fields to track important dates, events and notes. You can use custom fields to track anything you want.

Tenant Portals

ACH, Credit Card payments and Maintenance requests are all online.

Post Vacancies

Direct posts to Trulia, Zillow, Live Lovely and more.

Email Blasts

Quickly and easily send emails using powerful filter based recipient selection and email templates.

Credit Reports

Automatically pull TransUnion credit reports for new rental applications.

Management Company Accounting

Access Invoices, Bills, Reports and a full set of books for your management company.

CAM Charges

Easily pass on expenses to your tenants.

Owner Portals

Give your owners instant access to reports and important documents.

Michelle Current

Rubin Properties

Still the BEST Selection!

Our company is new to Property Matrix but so far, we are loving this system! As the bookkeeper for our three properties, I searched high and low for a software that could meet all our needs at a reasonable price. We are so excited to be using this software because it’s a one stop shop. We couldn’t be happier with Daniel’s support and service from the start. I’m confident this is the one for your company as well, save yourself (and your staff) time and headaches. Try it, you have nothing to lose!

Source: Capterra

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How to Increase Productivity & Decrease Costs

Discover 10 ways to make your company more efficient with property management software in Property Matrix’s free eBook!

You’ll learn how to use the right property management system to realize real gains for your business through customization and automation, reporting, accounting, marketing, and more.

What Sets Us Apart?

Property Matrix is built from the ground up to be an enterprise class property management software coupled with the user experience you’ve come to expect from a Web 2.0 product. We set out to build the most intuitive yet powerful platform for property management companies.

Most importantly, you’ll find the most advanced customization options combined with unlimited phone support make it easier for you to­ tailor your software to your business, not the other way around.

Prepare to be impressed

Schedule a demo with one of our reps and see why you just found the property management software you didn’t think existed. It will change the way you manage — for good.

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