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Karin Kiefer

Wininger Real Estate LLC

Nice product for rental management!

I work for a small company that owns and manages rentals in Bloomington, IN. We did some research online and found Property Matrix had good reviews for their product and support, plus it had certain features we were looking for such as the ability to let tenants pay rent online and the ability to start small and expand as we gain more properties. We are so glad we chose Property Matrix. The product is just as advertised, and the support is even better than we expected! The fees are reasonable and affordable for us, too.

We have not been using it very long, so I still have questions as I work in it. The support team is quick to respond and they take the time to figure out any issues or questions I have. They are able to take our data or forms and set them up in the background for us, as well as teaching us how to do it for ourselves. We look forward to a long relationship with Property Matrix.

Source: Software Advice

Erica Sheets

Carrico and Associates

So many features, and excellent customer support!

My company doesn’t use Property Matrix nearly to its full capacity, but the features we use are perfect and intuitive, and our tenants have adopted the online platform quickly and easily. The technical support is fantastic- one on one coaching calls through learning the features, as well as a wonderful chat option that allows me to multitask and stay available via phone to my tenants. We love it!

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Brad Turner

Tread Companies

Amazing customer support

Support readily available to chat/email, held my hand through the entire process. Accounting functions are great, tenant tracking function is even better. Love how I can include pictures of the various units and buildings. Brought in an additional employee and she was able to catch up to speed in just a few days without prior experience. I’ve used [many other property management systems] and Property Matrix is easily the most user-friendly option.

Source: Capterra

Rebecca R Rock

Rockella Management

Great Assistance & Customized Tools

We are a new business and started with Property Matrix only few months ago. It took a little bit to get used to the system and to upload all the information but we had a technician assist and help us throughout the whole process and still now he is our referent. Never felt left alone and all issues were always addressed. The reports & accounting tools can be customize according to the company needs.

Source: Capterra

Marcia Douglas

Glozal Village

Very Excited Client

Glozal Village is a small Management Company with 53 units. I have had the pleasure of working with Daniel, he has been extremely patient and well knowledgeable of the soft ware. He is always ready and have an answer when i’m feeling as if i’m unsure of what i’m doing. He never makes me feel as if i’m moving too slow, or I should have gotten that by now. He is such an awesome instructor.

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Paul Sturino

Professional Realty

First 2 months

In general a manual would be helpful or a FAQ sheet – terms are different but we can work thru. Maintenance portion seems to work very well and I’m looking forward to utilizing its full potential. Support is awesome – set up is good – teaching process should be mandatory 2-3 times weekly

Source: Capterra

Shelia Boles

Stanley Assets Bridgewater Place

Excellent Product, Excellent Support System

We went live with Property Matrix, it was the best decision based on our needs!! They are a very professional company with your best interest at heart. The quick call backs was a major factor in going with this company, they have met and exceeded our expectations. We would greatly recommend this software program to all companies looking to simplify their needs and goals. Support is wonderful, staff is the best! Give it a try, you will be impressed with the outcome!!!

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Antonio Crawford

Dynasty Property Management Inc

Property Matrix Review

Wonderful customer support and help with any errors and questions. The ease of constant flow of information within the system. Property Matrix is a good program and system and the support is amazing. The program is not perfect and not at its full potential but its quite clear the team is working to make things greater than ever and they ensure your satisfaction as best as they can. Improvements can be made but overall this system is great and I would always recommend it to others in this field. This system is very helpful and once well customized to your needs can make your daily activities for easy to carry out.

Source: Software Advice

Lori Nevarez

Nevarez-Smith Investments LLC

User-friendly software to manage my properties across the states!

My business partner and I have ventured into purchasing rental properties in different states over the past couple of years. As owners of multiple properties in different states, we also act as the property managers for our properties. When selecting a property management/accounting system, we wished for a system and its organization to work with us in designing a flexible system which would accommodate our needs. We researched four different systems and selected Property Matrix, because the system is very user-friendly and works well as a property management, accounting and maintenance system. We have no complaints about the software or the vendor so far! Make sure to go with a software that has a free trial so you can compare them like we did. Then you will see how much Property Matrix stands out above the rest.

Source: Software Advice

Lori Sampson

1st Choice Realty


I have been a member since the year started. I really like the fact that someone is there to correct anything that I need in timely manner. They respond very quickly. I also like that its always the same person. Im still learning, but its not that hard. Everything is very accurate and easy to learn. I think we will be members long term. Property Matrix gives all types of documents which come in handy when needed. My favorite part is, how fast their response is when I need help. AWESOME!

Source: TrustPilot

Cesar Giron

FR Group LLC

Great property management platform

Property matrix is so simple to use and user friendly and the platform is very intuitive.. Best of all , customer support is world class and responsive to our ‘how to’ questions and changes to reports that cater to our needs.”

Source: Capterra

Kathy Hugh

Brea Woods Senior Apartments

Old dogs can learn new tricks

This program is easy to learn with practice, practice, practice. The Techs are always helpful and kind and do not mind answering questions. It also, has a help tab that gives great instructions. The only drawback is no written manual. Some people learn faster from reading about a procedure and then by doing it. We were able to give them our forms and incorporate them into their program

Source: Capterra

Ana Esparragoza


Great Website

Overall, this website is easy to use and customer support always helps out when you need it right away. I mostly use the accounting tab the most, I think the only problem I have when using it is the slowness. From the start they told us to use Google Chrome because it will run faster and I’ve used it from the start, however it still goes slow. Not too slow but does effect my work speed at times. I depend on Property Matrix 50% of my day, so it would help me out better if the speed can be increased. That is the only complaint I would have using the system. Other than that, it has all the features that I need to succeed at my job. I would recommend this program to other property management companies. I like how not only one department can use this, but everyone here in the office and maintenance guys can use this website.

Source: Capterra

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